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One Abraham or three?

Associate Director Ulrich Rosenhagen published a piece in December 9, 2015 issue of the Christian Century, titled: "One Abraham or three? The conversation between three faiths."

“Can ‘Abrahamic’ replace ‘Judeo-Christian’? Can a paradigm—one that intertwines the three great prophetic traditions in their faith in one God, divine creation, human dignity, and eschatological justice—express the civic faith of the American people? Can it do so without sacrificing the integrity of these interwoven yet different traditions? The growing use of the term Abrahamic suggests that many think it can. In contemporary academic as well as nonacademic discourse, the biblical patriarch Abraham is frequently invoked as a crucial figure binding the sacred narratives of Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Despite the different stories these siblings in faith tell about him, Abraham is essential in the theological concepts, rituals, and liturgies of his children.” [read more]

“Harmony is controlled dissonance”

The Lubar Institute Student Fellows enjoyed their time at the Wisconsin Union’s Wheelhouse Studios. Their advisor, Lubar Institute Associate Director Ulrich Rosenhagen says: “They picked a statement from Bruce Feiler’s book, Abraham: A Journey to the Heart of Three Faiths: ‘Harmony is controlled dissonance’ and worked from there. You can see the sentence in Arabic, Latin, and Hebrew on the painting. When the project is completed, we will reflect on it as an arts-based dialogue.”

Abraham Reflections: the Interfaith Fellows' Journal

2014 Undergraduate Journal Abrahamic Reflections is an annual production of the Lubar Interfaith Student Fellows. It provides those students with an opportunity to reflect upon their interfaith experiences, often in conjunction with observations on the Institute's events and programs over the course of their service. Read the 2015 Journal as a PDF file here.

About the Lubar Institute

ON WISCONSIN on the Lubar Institute
The Lubar Institute was featured in On Wisconsin (Winter 2013), the alumni magazine for the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Read the complete article online at the On Wisconsin web site or download the five-page PDF here.

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Watch the video introduction to the Lubar Institute.

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